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Platinum Square Centre Management have been made aware of a positive COVID-19 case at our Capitec Branch.
As per instruction from the Department of Health and National Institute of Communicable Diseases the following measures have been put in place:
– The branch’s doors will remain closed for the time being while the entire store undergoes professional deep cleaning.
– All staff who were in contact with the employee have been placed in self-quarantine.
– Notices have been put up informing customers and tenants alike.
All tenants and shoppers are urged to practice good personal hygiene. Cover your nose and mouth at all times when in public and wash and/or sanitize your hands as often and as thorough as possible. Social distancing is of utmost importance and remains the key to end the spread of the Coronavirus.
The health and safety of Platinum Square staff, tenants and customers remains our top priority and will any and all necessary precautionary steps be taken to avoid any transmissions within the Centre, the onus however lies with each individual.
Platinum Square remains a masked zone and will no customer be allowed to roam the Centre or enter any store without proper face cover.
Keep your distance | Wear your mask | Sanitize | Stay safe
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